Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

One of my biggest regrets to this point is that I have not done a lot of traveling.  Maureen and I have been making plans to change that.  It wont be a quick plan, but it does include trips to Paris and Germany over the next few years, as well as a return trip to Ireland this December.  But foreign does not need to mean a foreign country. In a large city like Chicago, foreign can be as close as the next neighborhood over.  In my case, it is just a few blocks north of where I work.

Welcome to Chinatown.

My intention when I took my camera into Chinatown yesterday, was to do a black and white collection of the main street, but as I got to the entrance to the main street on Wentworth, the batteries in my camera died.  These are the only two shots I was able to get.

I had left my case with the extra batteries in the car, and by the time I walked back to retrieve them I decided this adventure would wait for another day. Black and White Chinatown will be coming soon.

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14 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

  1. I’ve done the same with not taking the extra batteries or memory cards too. It’s easy to forget. Still you got two good pictures to share at least. I love local exploring – see new things without having to stay in a hotel.

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  4. Great photos for Foreign. Have fun on your up coming trips 🙂

  5. Nice! Don’t you just love China towns? Don’t you just love the huge baskets and piles of dried whatevers and the bright colourful little bits and bobs? I do.

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  7. I love that second shot… 🙂

  8. So near and yet so far….you’re right,sometimes we’re strangers in our own hometown.

  9. One of my favorite places to shoot is San Francisco’s China Town – I’m not sure how big Chicago’s is, but the side streets always make for the best photo opportunities, a bit away from the touristy stuff

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