We Will Miss You Norman Sas

I was very sad to read in the paper this morning of the passing of Norman Sas.  He passed away on June 28th at his home in Verno Beach, Florida.  He was 87 years old.

Now, I have to be honest here.  Until this morning, I had no idea who Norman Sas was, but as I read his obituary, I realized that this unknown man had a major effect on my childhood, and I would assume he had the same effect on many children born in the 50’s and 60’s and even beyond.  You see, in the days before Nitendo or Xbox or the Wii, Mr. Sas invented a game that would marvel both kids and adults.  It may seem a little boring to the kids of today, but in its day, this game could occupy hours and hours of our time.  It was a simple little game called Tru-Action Football.

Tru-Action Football. The game invented by the late Norman Sas.

For those who may not recognize the game, let me explain the basic concept.  Each player would take turns being the offence or defence, and usually about fifteen to twenty minutes were spent setting up your little plastic football players on the flat metal surface.  A tiny football indicated who had possession.  Once all the pieces were set, a black switch was flipped, and the whole board started to vibrate, causing all the carefully set up men to crash into each other in a giant plastic orgy.

And that was it.  You would watch the pieces bounce around, and at some point it was decided the play was over, and then the whole set up would start all over again.  It is hard to believe at this point that we spent so much time playing the game, but we did.  Until we finally had enough and then went outside and played an actual game of football.

Although I had never met him, I want to say thank you to the late Norman Sas.  I can now put a name to a great childhood memory.

3 responses to “We Will Miss You Norman Sas

  1. Brother Tom – great childhood memory with the football game. I stumbled into your blog site by Googling Clearwater Resort and was reminded of the great times we had there in the summers in the late 70s. Do you remember the Sivores or O’Herns? I think we made it up there for 5 summers and always had a blast. I figured the area had gone thru some big changes and think it’s great that many are still visiting the area!

    Take Care and thanks for the memories!

    Vic Sivore

    • Vic,

      Wow, very good to hear from you. Yes we still head up to Jordan as much as possible, but Clearwater is long gone. Now we are passing the memories onto our own kids. A bunch of us were just there this past weekend.

      I just saw Mr. and Mrs. O’Hern this past week. It was last Monday at the memorial mass for Brendan Kenny. There were a lot of the old crew out for the night. What is that old saying about weddings and funerals.

      Keep in touch, and if you ever make it back up to the lake, please look us up.

      Brother Tom

  2. Tom,the Savories and O’herns are related. Pat O’hern and Rosy[Vics mom] are sisters,last name O’gradyI’ve known them since we were kids. Good to hear from him on your blog. Mom

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