Ok, I can admit it.  That last blog was kind of a cop-out.  It was that episode of Happy Days were Tom Bosley and Marion Ross sit on the couch and reminisce about the past season intermixed with clips of all the past episodes.  It was cheep and simple and almost too easy.  I can give you all kinds of excuses about how busy I have been and crap like that, but let’s be honest.  You really don’t care.  My intent was to look back at the last few months and see where I stood.  Had I accomplished anything?  Had I written anything that had any meaning?  Was it worth it to put my thoughts down in a public forum for all to see and criticize?  Just where do I stand?

It’s early.  I have been hearing that a lot over the past week.  Mostly it is in reference to the crappy start both baseball teams here in Chicago are off to.  Just over a week into the 2010 season, my predictions are not doing too well.  Both the White Sox and Seattle are three games back in  their divisions, while the Yankees trail Toronto by just a half a game.  I’m doing a little better in the National League where both St. Louis and San Francisco lead their divisions, while Atlanta trails Philadelphia by three games.  But it is still early.  One quick winning streak by any team and the entire standings can flip-flop.

I took the day off today to work on the garden, but it is still early in the day.  I have lots of time.  I have plotted out everything I want to do in my head, all I really need to do is stand up and get going.  Maureen and I really did have a nice time last year trying things out.  We learned a lot and are eager to see what we can accomplish this year.  I rebuilt, and expanded the one plot on the side of the back yard, and I also built a brand new area on the side of the house for the sunflowers.  They are starting to grow inside, and should be ready to move outside in May.  I also have the tomato and pepper plants started.  Today I plan to work on the biggest plot in the back of the yard.  We have decided to make a strawberry patch on one side, then expand the other side for more of the vine type plants like cucumbers.  I did a poor job with the pumpkins last year, but I am hoping to do better this year.

The wedding plans are coming along well, or at least that’s what Maureen tells me.  It’s still early, we will be getting married in November.  The day after Thanksgiving.  I really should try to be more involved with the whole process, but I always feel in the way.  Maureen picked out her dress, and I have talked to the guy at The Men’s Wearhouse about new suits for Alex and I, but with the way Alex keeps growing I am afraid he might be six inches taller by November. I don’t want him standing up there with his ankles showing.   I did order my birth certificate so I can apply for a passport.  I guess that is kind of important if I want to get my ass on a plane to Ireland on November 27th.  Maureen was afraid she was turning into a Bridezilla, but I reassured her she wasn’t.  She has actually been great, and although I know she is feeling a little stressed already, I am confident it will turn out well.  We just need to work on that whole invite list thing.  The room only fits 200.  We still have about 50 people we need to piss off before November.

It is still early, and the summer has not even begun, but I feel like we have already jammed a ton of stuff into our schedule for the next few months.  Alex is graduating and moving up to high school this year.  We need to figure out a date for a party.  I have already cleared our trip to Minnesota with my ex-wife.  That will be during the All-Star break in July.  After we attend the U2 concert, which I need to get two more tickets for because Maureen’s sister will be joining us.  Alex will be starting baseball games soon, and that jams up our schedule until mid-June.  I have a college get together that I put together at a White Sox game on May 23rd, and another baseball outing for Alex’s team on June 8th.  I know there are at least two showers being planned for Maureen over the summer, and we have also put Cheep Trick on our schedule of July 10th.  Or July 100th.  Depending on which e-mail you read.

So where does all this blabbering leave me?  I really don’t know.  Was there a point to all of this?  Not really.  That’s just were I stand.  I will write when time allows it or when the mood really strikes me.  I will move forward with wedding plans and gardening and work and such.  It’s still early, there is a lot of life out there ready to be lived.  And I need to get off my butt and get started on my day.  That garden is not going to build itself.

One response to “Stand!

  1. You’re not un-helpful, just not so forthcoming with ideas. One of the gazillion wonderful things about you is when I bounce ideas off you, and you make them better. You’re not so much bouncing back. Sometimes I feel like you’re just listening to me chatter, the way I listen to Molly.
    Oh, by the way, her spring concert is May 25th, so add that to the schedule.

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