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Top Ten Faces from the Crowd

When I began this little experiment last September, I wasn’t really sure where this whole writing a blog thing would take me.  Since then, I have posted 50 entries, had 132 people place comments on the blog, many more on my Facebook page, and had 4,838 visits to my blog.  Although these are not earth shattering numbers, I am a little impressed that I have attracted somewhat of a following other than my mother and sisters.  Some of what I have written I am quite proud of, while there are a few that seem the lost ramblings of some old dude when I re-read them.  So in celebration of my 51st blog entry, I have decided to do a top ten list of myself.  Only this time the list is not based on my own opinion, but actual facts.  Based on the number of individual hits each entry has received, here is the top ten entries visited by you the readers.  I have not included what the site calls my Home Page, but rather just individual hits on a single entry.  The Home Page would walk away with the top spot since this is where most people begin their time here on my little blog before they pick and chose what they would like to read more about.

10  –  A Day in the Life (or at least a morning)  –  95 Hits

This is actually one of my favorite entries.  What began as just me trying to document what a typical morning was like from my point of view, turned into a bit of a life lesson to myself.  It was also one of the easiest pieces I have written, although it is also one of the longest I have written.  Sometimes when an idea gets going it just seems to flow right out of me.  It was also easy to write because I just told it like it was.  That was my morning. 

9  –  Splitting Hairs  –  99 Hits

My first official blog entry that was not about me trying to figure out how to post a blog or why I wanted to write a blog.  So my first official topic of conversation was my decision to grow my beard out for the winter.  Just recently, on Opening Day as a matter of fact, I shaved it all off.  My face is now naked, and Maureen is very happy about it.  But it wont be too long gone.  Given a long weekend without having to work, and it will be back.  At least part of it will.

8  –  World’s Worst Dad  –  100 Hits

My date night with Molly.  Or rather my night with Molly that I almost really screwed up.  I really do enjoy being a father, and I think this entry really captures the fun of being a dad.  It is the most recent entry on the list, and I think it was passed around a little by family and friends, helping out with the number of hits it has received.

7  –  Connecting the Dot’s  –  115 Hits

I really enjoyed writing this one.  Led by my stomach and some reconnecting with some old college friends, it was culinary trip down memory lane during my days at Northern Illinois University.  It was still enjoyable to read it again while putting this list together.  Made me want to take a trip out to DeKalb for some Beer Nuggets.

6  –  Fried Zucchini  –  117 Hits

Food has quickly become a theme in many of the entries I write.  Only topped by music as the top things I find myself writing about.  This is another memory piece filled with good things to eat.  Led of course by Fried Zucchini.

5  –  It’s Not Unusual.  Is It?  –  119 Hits

That other topic I find myself writing a lot about.  Music.  Or more specifically, in this case, Tom Jones.  I thought I was stepping out on a little bit of a ledge here, but I was surprised to find out how many Tom Jones fans there are still out there.  Not the best written piece I have done, but filled with a bunch of really good Jones facts.

4  –  Moon, Not Banana  –  120 Hits

The title refers to the title of an album by The Cathy Richardson Band.  I always like the title because of the cover art that accompanied the CD.  It was a very simple yellow crescent moon.  I had a black t-shirt with the same illustration on it, and whenever I wore it, eventually someone would ask me why I had a banana on my shirt.  My answer was always the same.  “Moon, not banana!”

3  –  Does This Beat Go On?  –  120 Hits

Another musical journey, this time featuring Queen, Journey and of course, The Kings.  I had attached a link at the bottom of this blog that connected to a rather cool video of This Beat Goes On/Switching to Glide on The Kings website.  I thought maybe this was the reason for the high number of hits on this one, but when I checked, only fifteen people had actually clicked through to the video.  Which is really too bad, because if you remember the song, it is a great video to watch.  It features the bands appearance on American Bandstand as well as live footage from the past 25 years.  Sort of a history of a one hit wonder all rolled up in one song.

2  –  The Worst Song On Radio  –  155 Hits

The very beginning of the Top Ten format.  I have enjoyed it so much that this is now my seventh blog entry to include a Top Ten list.  I have actually started a number more of them, but they tend to take a little longer to write, so I sometimes get them started but fail to finish them.  But as summer progresses, I have a feeling you will be seeing more of them. 

1  –  Weekend Warrior  –  304 Hits

What can I say.   Sentimentality must have a great draw.  I thought I was being a bit sly by hiding the true subject matter until the very last paragraph, but word quickly spread and links to the blog were posted in many places and soon people I was meeting for the very first time were telling me how much they enjoyed my blog.  It is hard for me to imagine anything else I write touching as many people as this one has.  I guess we will just have to see what I come up with the day after we are married.