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Tom 365 – September 19, 2014


The worst part about being sick on a Friday when you are grown up, is that you are actually sick on a Friday.

This was my view for most of today.

Tom 365 – September 18, 2014


Yes, I know it is being towed, but it still doesn’t look right.

Tom 365 – September 17, 2014


Cool weather has moved the little critters indoors. We are locked and loaded. One less Mickey by morning we hope.

Tom 365 – September 16, 2014


A dead stop in traffic.


Only this time with an impatient truck behind me.

Tom 365 – September 15, 2014


Because it just not the blues until someone breaks out the washboard.

Tom 365 – September 14, 2014


I swear. He just followed me home.

Can we keep him?

Tom 365 – September 13, 2014


Wow. It had turned into a really nice sunny afternoon. I am starting to wish I had stayed to watch the game. But this lawn wan not going to cut itself.

And there was almost no chance the boy would actually do it.

Tom 365 – September 12, 2014


Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day has been cancelled due to rain.

The weather was just trying to keep up with the theme of the night.

Tom 365 – September 11, 2014


I just realized my picture from yesterday never posted. But that’s ok. It wasn’t a very good picture to begin with.

Tom 365 – September 10, 2014


The iconic scoreboard at U.S. Cellular Field.

Now please don’t rain tonight.