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Tom 365 – September 29, 2014


“We went to a museum, we saw priceless works of art! We ate pancreas!”


Ok, maybe not that last part, but the rest was true.

Tom 375 – September 27, 2014


Always a class act, Paul Konerko expressed thanks to 38,000 of his closest friends tonight.

Thanks for the memories.

Tom 365 – September 26, 2014


Yes, it was one of those nights.

So I am just going to sit in my corner for a little while, until it all goes away.

Tom 365 – September 25, 2014


Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day may have rained out, but the White Sox were finally able to give out the green Irish Caps before today’s game.

Tom 365 – September 24, 2014


Given a choice, every man will take the tall urinal over the short one. No one wants to be the shorty.

Tom 365 – September 23, 2014


How can it be any fun?

I don’t think I have ever seen anyone slide down it.

Tom 365 – September 22, 2014


A beer and the Bear’s Game. Then we are calling it s night.

Tom 365 – September 21, 2014


Wait a second. Are those little Shriner Cars street legal?

Tom 375 – September 20, 2014


Honestly. This is no joke.

I’ve never seen one quite this big before.

Tom 365 – September 19, 2014


The worst part about being sick on a Friday when you are grown up, is that you are actually sick on a Friday.

This was my view for most of today.